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Project Launcing

Numerous talentd entrepreneurs can come up with the best ideas for businesses, yet they struggle to launch it. Starting uo a business is a critical and challenging stage. It has to be exploited to build an effective management system.

The struggle also tackles existing firms to launch a new project. A successful product/service launch requires research, planning and a professional marketing team, that works on an international standard and takes on customer satisfaction on several levels such as quality, price, function…etc

Sigma can prepare and plan a launch strategy for a new product to get the best chances of success for the company. It also guides young managers to launch their business, create an outstanding management system, maintain and portray an excellent company image.

Business Managemet

Offering professional management for firms using organizational management theories and applications that have proven to sustain order and prosperity. Drafting, designing an organizational structure, preparing a documentary cycle and staffing, in addition to directing, monitoring, supervising and solving problems for existing businesses.

Strategic Marketing & Planning

Sigma works with clients to help achieve differentiation, drive marketing and brand awareness though various channels and developing an in-depth strategy that is tailored for the business, to maximize profit by outsmarting competition rather than outspending it.

Having a marketing plan is critical and helps understanding how activities work in synergy and harmony. The primary key to a successful marketing is the ability to execute and follow through the plan progress, exploiting time and taking advantage of opportunities.

Market Research

Sigma applies professional market research methods to provide business and companies with necessary information to answer business questions. Starting with researching the project objectives, then determining the type of research needed to develop a research strategy. Thus, confirming the project scope and beginning the study and analysis. investigating databases, accessing publications and ethnographic studies. In addition to conducting focus groups and interviews with experts, customers and others who can provide valuable information to determine business strategy.

Public Relations

Sigma Connections and network can provide services to organaizations, public and political figures. Such as media relationship building, social networking, crisis management, booking and speech writing. In addition to using an adaptable strategic communication process, to attract investors, manage reputation or recruit talent, depending on the vision. Applying analysis in-depth for the political and socio-cultural context to build, maintain and protect the client’s public image.

Promotional Campaigns

It is essential to keep a connection with existing clients while gaining new ones. Promotional campaigns work in the case of launching a new product or as a reminder of your existing one. In both cases, it will result in sales progress while establishing various channels of connection with customers, valuable data and feedback about the promoted product/service.

Sigma executes promotional campaigns through a series of advertisements that are targeting the same goal. Using marketing tools to promote a particular product or service. Launching campaigns through  various channels, such as social media marketing, public relations, personal selling, email and retail or E-commerce to maximize profit.

Events & Exhibitions

Sigma’s ability to plan, organize and execute a high quality of service stems from an understanding of the market needs and local taste.

Branding the event, determining the budget, managing partners and sponsors, while leading the team and preparing the necessary logistics to present a well-organized event that meets our client’s visions and exceeds their expectations.

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