The Flower of Services

Ask yourself if you ever experienced the following when visiting a company, a hospital or any service/product provider?

You can’t find parking, the receptionist is busy and doesn’t acknowledge you, staff are unfriendly, the waiting area is crowded and uncomfortable, the person you are meeting is late, the meeting area is untidy, feedback is slow or non-existent, the invoice is vague and you don’t really know what you are paying for…


Well, sure you have experienced one or two… and that’s the Flower of service concept is about


Currently we live in a situation that is progressively moving towards a service-based economy, where the Service and service quality is the hottest topics within the companies and organizations that present services to their customers regardless of their orientation and field of interest.


The flower of service is a visual framework for understanding the supplementary service elements that surround and add value to the core product/ service.


Supplementary services refer to the secondary services which are presented to the customers after the acquisition of the item/service/product, It summaries the idea of service that is presented to customers, its quality and the satisfaction of customers towards the presented services.


It encourages firms to focus on their clients’ full experience, not just the main product/service they are providing


A restaurant for example must have a good management with clear structure and good staffing methodology, it can appear in the way restaurants employees interact with each other and with you,

The same restaurant must have a good marketing strategy in which it helps to draw out what to do in the next year or two…


These elements assist the company to differentiate from competitors by adding value to the core service


– (International Journal of Business and Management, 2018)

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