It doesn’t matter what someone is trying to convey about his or her personality, the first impression always lies in appearance.


If you picture in your mind the typical CEO, the chances that you have thought of a male, in a suit and a distinguished-look are highly possible, that is axiomatically because people instinctively lean towards such patterns.


Studies have shown that people respond to visual status signals, as a piece of research cited that humans tend to respect people with particular physical characteristics. When participants in a study were shown pictures of male employees of a business consultancy, with similar clothes and masked faces, they perceived the taller men more positively in terms of team leadership skills. Indeed, research has shown that taller and more attractive men earn more than their shorter and plainer colleagues…


One long-established phenomenon is the “halo effect”. If a person (or company) is rated highly in terms of one characteristic, they get good marks across the board; this applies when employees are being assessed by their managers for qualities such as intelligence, decisiveness, and leadership.


While substance is always the first concern, it’s a fact of life that appearances matter. Whether we admit or not, everyone makes instantaneous judgments based on visual first impressions; it’s just how humans are. Those judgments then lead to decisions. In a crowded marketplace, this means that one’s look could be the difference between piquing interest and being passed over.


– (The economist, 2019).

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