When we were gathering suggestions for the topic we weekly discuss in our Sigma share the knowledge session,
a member of our team asked a question that she felt every business person should be asking themselves, do you
think you know marketing? She says, “In my way of thinking it’s what I studied in college in all those lectures I
attended and the books I read”
“People often go wrong by focusing on the advertisement images of what is often referred to as marketing rather
than really think of what it is about” She continues, “Marketing is about creating things that don’t exist”.

When discussing her outlook on marketing, another member found it more of a common sense, as all business
does, whether it was the way to close a sale or the way the team treats people is marketing, everything counts.

A whole lot of personal experiences were taking place in defining Marketing, hearing the concept from different
perspectives added depth to the discussion, where every member talked knowingly about their job fields connected
–in a way- to marketing.

Marketing –sure- is used to express different business processes by different people, share with us what the term
marketing stands for in your local business environment.

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